The Lancaster Youth Softball Association’s purpose is to provide a safe environment for playing softball. It is the responsibility of coaches and managers to inform all players and fans about the rules of LYSA and the Doris Bair Softball Complex. Violators of these rules may be expelled from the complex. 


Parents PLEASE supervise your children to assure they comply with these rules:


Rules and Policies 


1.      Pets are NOT allowed in the complex, except for service dogs with papers. 


2.      Glass containers are not allowed in the complex. 


3.      No vehicle access or parking beyond the service gate, (in the Staff/Umpire parking lot, by concessions, etc.), unless authorized. 


4.      Climbing, batting, pitching or throwing into the fences is not allowed. 


5.      Rollerblades, scooters, bikes, skateboards, hover boards, drones, etc., are not allowed in the complex. Soccer balls, footballs, etc., are allowed but not on the concourse area, please play somewhere in the grass out of the way of the teams warming up.


6.      No infield practice inside the baselines before games. 


7.      Smoking, including the use of E-Cigs, or other uses of tobacco is not allowed anywhere in the complex except the main parking lot. 


8.      No one is allowed to consume or have in their possession any alcohol at the complex while any youth activities are in progress. This includes the parking lot.


9.      Illegal drugs are not permitted at any time in the complex. 


10.    Disrespect for umpires, coaches, players and officials of the complex, league or tournament, will NOT be tolerated. The LYSA Board reserves the right to ask those being disrespectful of those to leave the property. 


11.    Physical altercations, or destruction or property, will not be tolerated by anyone.  Anyone involved in either activity will be expelled from the complex. If the incident occurs during a tournament the parties will be expelled for the remainder of the tournament. If the incident occurs during league, the parties will be expelled for the remainder of the day and be subject to suspension or expulsion from the league. Incidents will be reported to the sanctioning body. 


12.    No weapons are allowed within the complex. 


13.    Grills are not allowed inside the complex. 


14.    Please be sure to secure your valuables and lock your vehicles. LYSA is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property. 


15.    Standing on benches and tables is prohibited. 


16.    No climbing in the trees.




Revised March 2016 – LYSA Board


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