Each team participating in LYSA Summer or Fall League at the Doris Bair Softball Complex is required to pay their league registration fee AND work one LYSA event in the park concession stand.  There is an option to buy out of this commitment.

An LYSA event includes, but is not limited to: weeknight evening league games during the summer season; weeknight evening high school games during the fall season; a scheduled shift during a weekend tournament during the summer or fall season; a scheduled shift on a Sunday during the fall league; or a special event at Bair.

Teams working this commitment will be required to provide 8 people to work their assigned time period.  It is up to the team to decide if they want these people to work the event from start to finish or to split into two shifts and have another 8 people come in later and take their place. 

For Summer League games, the team's workers will need to report to the concession stand by 4:30 pm.  The concession stand remains open until the last game has ended and the majority of the patrons from that game have exited the park. 

Until school gets out for the summer, there is only a 6:00 and 7:30 time slot for league games, therefore the last games should be ending around 9:00 pm.  With some clean-up remaining after close, teams will be wrapping up around 9:30 pm.  After school gets out for the summer, a 9:00 game is added.  Those games should end around 10:30 pm, so the team should be leaving around 11:00 pm.  Of course tied games and extra innings will occasionally prolong closing time, thus the end time would also be extended.

Fall High School Games begin at 5:00, thus the concession crew needs to arrive by 4:00 pm, a bit earlier is better.  With only two game time slots, you will typically be able to leave by 9:00 pm or before.

If working a tournament or other special event, you will be notified of your arrival and approximate departure time.

The intent of the concession commitment is to help keep league registration costs lower by using volunteer labor to operate the concession stand.  The alternative to this is to hire workers for this purpose.  The operation of the concession stand is a major part of our operation as its profits are used to support our organization and maintain the park.  It is therefore important to have the concession stand open and properly staffed during all events at Bair to not only serve our customers but to help us maintain an operating budget.

Teams have a choice however to buy out of this concession commitment.  By paying a fee of $350, their commitment is waived and we use that money to hire a crew of workers to staff the concession stand.  When registering your team, you can check the "Concession Commitment Buyout" box and $350 will be added to your cart at checkout.  If you do not check this box, it will be assumed that your team will fulfill their concession commitment.

The buyout option is only available during the league registration period.  After the league concession schedule is prepared and communicated, the buyout option will no longer be available and teams choosing not to work their concession commitment will forgo their $500 concession deposit described below.

Unfortunately in the past, some teams have not shown up for their assigned shift.  As this puts us in a difficult position trying to find workers at the last minute, we had to implement a deposit that would be lost if the team failed to honor their commitment.  This $500 deposit is returned to the team after they honor their commitment or is retained by LYSA if they do not.  Concession deposits can be handled in one of two ways.

When registering your team, you can pay your concession deposit along with your registration.  Check on "Concession Deposit With Registration" and $500 will be added to your cart.  At checkout, you will pay your league fee plus this deposit fee.  Once your team has completed their concession commitment, your account will receive a $500 credit to be used for a future LYSA registration.  Or, you can request a refund of your $500 credit by sending us a request for refund.

If you would prefer to provide a deposit check for us to hold rather than paying your team's deposit, you can check on the "Concession Deposit Mail Check" box.  No additional dollars will be added to your cart but you will have to mail us your team's $500 check.  Mail this check to:  LYSA, P.O. Box 5744, Lincoln, NE  68505.

Teams will not be scheduled, despite being registered, until we have your deposit payment or check so make sure that you choose one of these three options to assure your registration in to Summer or Fall League play.

Revised September 2016 – LYSA Board


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